Launch of Remote Access training on 17 June 2020

We are launching our Remote training courses for the theory based type of courses on 17 June 2020, so you can do some of the trainer led stuff online with us (via Zoom which we will organise everything for you) and you can interact with the instructor. This is all Remote Access training is, so it is done online but with a live instructor so you can ask questions, get explanations etc. A bit like using Facetime or Skype to speak to someone. This is definitely how a lot of the training will be done in the future.

It also means you can do the training from your own home, or at work. In fact any location where you can get internet access and a quiet environment.

You will just need a phone, tablet or laptop with webcam and microphone and internet access.

As the situation returns to some normality, many people will require mandatory training again, so it is actually a good idea to do whatever theory type training, especially online that you can do now, so you are ahead of the game.

How to book Remote access courses :

All our planned Remote courses will appear on the "Course dates" page and will be labelled as "Remote course".

Most theory based courses can be taught remotely, so if a particular course you want is not on the course date list, please contact us and we can sort something out. This is because there are lots of remote courses so we generally offer the most popular ones.

Similar to our other courses , you can either click on the widget/links at bottom of the course dates page, or for more information or any questions just contact us :


What you need for Remote Training :

Internet Access



LapTop/Tablet/Mobile phone

Quiet area