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Online Training Blended courses

We are now able to offer " Blended" courses in Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3(EFAW) , First Aid at Work Level 3 (FAW)and First Aid at Work Requalification Level 3 (FAW REQ).

Basically you do half of course online(theory) and then spend less time with instructor(practical).

Once you have completed the Online part with compulsory test at end of it, you then only spend half day for EFAW, 1 day for FAW REQ and 2 days for FAW with the instructor.

Get in touch for further details.

Jan 2019

Can too much caffeine damage your brain?

A recent article in the Daily Mail, shows frighting images taken of the human brain. We all know that smoking decreases the flow of blood to the brain, but this research shows that caffiene can also cause similar damage.

Caffeine is a stimulant in the short term but in the long term can narrow the blood vessels in the brain. This reduces brain activity which in the long term can result in poor memory and can make you vulnerable to depression.

The recommended maximum number of cups of coffee that you should drink per day is 3 limit those fizzy drinks and lay of the chocolate.

If you love coffee and have been drinking more than the recommended amount don't panic, if you lay off the caffeine your brain will recover!

Sep 2012