Diabetes awareness

This course is aimed at anyone who requires a course in diabetes awareness in any workplace or family setting. Diabetes is included in many of our online and classroom courses but this course goes into more depth for people working with or looking after diabetes sufferers.  The course covers information about Diabetes and Diabetes management. It can be done online, remotely or face to face nationally.

What does the course cover:

  • Understanding Diabetes • Diabetes myths 
  • Signs and symptoms of diabetes 
  • Hyperglycaemia and Hypoglycaemia 
  • Type 1 diabetes 
  • Type 1 diabetes and coeliac disease 
  • Glucose 
  • Injecting insulin
  • Testing blood 
  • Blood sugar monitoring 
  • Monitoring blood glucose 
  • Type 2 diabetes 
  • Healthy eating 
  • Type 2 treatment 
  • Monitoring health 
  • Complications: heart disease and stroke, nerve damage, diabetic retinopathy, kidney disease, foot problems and sexual dysfunction 
  • First aid for diabetes 
  • Recovery position 
  • Gestational diabetes 
  • Delivery – postnatal care 
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis