Online training

Through ProTraining , we can offer over 220 online courses that can be done anywhere, so long as you have internet access.

The Online courses can be "stand alone" which means they are completely online, or be "blended" which is when you do the online theory part  and then attend the practical element with the instructor. 

 The Online courses can be done in your own time and at your own pace. Many of them are video based and you will get access to any resources you need to complete them. 

Each time you log on, the online training should return you to the last part you looked at, and you can always go back or rewind  any videos.

For the "blended" level 3 courses Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) First Aid at Work (FAW), First Aid at Work Requalifier(FAW REQ) and Paediatric (PFA) , it has been agreed that during the Covid 19/Corona virus, the time limit from completing the online part to attending the practical instructor part , has been extended to 3 months.  

We have no idea when the face to face/practical training will return to normal, but with the current 3 months validity on the "blended"online training, it means that realistically , you can do the online training now and then do the practical element June onwards, when we hope training restrictions may be lifted.

 At present we are also looking at organising some  remote/webinar type training sessions, for any training that requires a trainer for a presentation, demonstration and observation. 

We have put links below for you to look at all the online courses available.

Any questions at all, do please either email or phone so we can explain and put you at ease.

To book onto an "Online"  course please click on the widgets/link on the online course list at bottom of this  page or for more information or any questions contact us on:  or 07861 498360